Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quote : Why 15 Cars? Why With balaclava-clad special force?

Quote 1 :
DelCapo Said

I want to express my utter disgust at the police's actions. This is a 60-year old man with a bad back.

He had just spent hours at the ACA. He had excused himself, with apologies, from the ACA to make sure he would not be late for the 2pm appointment with the CID.

Was he armed and dangerous like a terrorist? Was he speeding towards the expressway to Thailand or Singapore or the airport or a seaport for an escape??

Why the 10 police cars? Why the balaclava-clad special force? Where was the arrest warrant?

I would like to know which part of police professionalism instruct an overkill and use of force under the circumstances above? Where?

It shows there was an instruction by the IGP and BN government to use excessive force.

It displayed no respect for the ‘innocent till proven guilty principle’, it is against democracy, against human rights, against rules of law.

You showed that it was political and personal. It is a total disgrace. You have put all Malaysians to utter shame.

Quote 2 :
Peter Said

I see no reason why the police must arrest Anwar before expiry of the deadline. How did the CID chief know that Anwar would not proceed to the police headquarters after going home?

With all the surveillance by the police being focussed on Anwar alone, what were the possibilities that Anwar could escape to neighbouring country?

Yes, Bakri Zinin, your reasoning went against logic and we would not buy your story.

Coming to the way Anwar was arrested. Can you explain why you needed 15 police patrol cars and a four-wheel drive to escort him to the police station?

Also tell us why did the arresting officers had to wear a balaclava? It is mind boggling! Is Anwar a terrorist high on a wanted list?

If not, he did not deserve to be arrested in such a manner. As far as I know, soldiers would be dressed in balaclava when raiding terrorist hideouts.

Quote 3 :
Primus Said

This is atrocious. I think the people's patience has reached its boiling point. The situation now is different compared to ten years ago when Dr M deviously orchestrated the whole drama so to speak.

DSAI's strength is bigger compared to then and he draws a humongous level of support from a bulk majority of the citizens.

Again and again the government is making all the wrong moves which I think will definitely backfire. I think the repercussions of this move will be disastrous and huge.

All this trumped up accusations against Anwar is an insult to the intelligence of all Malaysians. Why does this accusation arise now? Why? Because the government has realised that he is the biggest threat to the survival of the ‘stable’ BN government?

I strongly believe in the principles of karma. There will be a time when it all comes back to the BN government

Quote 4:
Arianna Said

I am fed up, tired, pained and frustrated with the current situation in Malaysia.

Here we are facing a serious economic crisis, onset of worrying inflation, high cost of living arising from higher oil prices and the Abdullah's regime does little to cushion the blow or introduce preventive measures.

Instead, the government is obsessed with Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Even when our stock exchange rattles under the weight of political war games, Abdullah and his regime appear unconcerned.

And do little to soothe fears among foreign investors who are more concerned about the country's economy than the government of the day. And it's all because the BN regime is worried sick about losing government to Anwar who is not even a member of Parliament.

Compounding this problem is the police who apparently consider sodomy the worst crime among crimes. That a suspect of such a crime warrants a special squad and 15 police vehicles to arrest!

Never mind that out there, smugglers are smuggling our precious oil and gas, cooking oil and other essentials aggravating our already alarming economic situation.

Never mind that our crime rate continues to surge because priority must be given to arresting sodomy suspects!

We have had enough of the 1998 shameful political games and want no more of such despicable acts. If anything, it would only hurt the country's economy and the people at large.

The rakyat has given the BN the mandate on March 8. But until now, they have not proven that they are worthy of it.

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