Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quote: Luahan terhadap Nasha


NASHARUDIN Mat Isa, PAS deputy president, is a neat, well-dressed man. Unlike many of the opposition MPs, Nasharuddin does not come across as a street activist.

His spoken English is exact and he conducts himself in a manner that is both calm and statesman-like, selecting his words with extreme care. This is a very polished and considered politician.

With talk circulating across the country about the possibility of an Umno-PAS tie-up, Nasharudin’s pronouncements have attracted greater scrutiny, especially since he is viewed (along with figures such as Mustafa Ali, Terengganu PAS chief, and Hassan Ali, Selangor PAS chief) as a more Umno-inclined, PAS leader.

When asked about the talk of the collaboration, he tells me: “I was mandated by the Syura Council of Ullama after the general election to explore and to look at the political landscape with anyone and anywhere.



When Nash Mat Isa says he is not aware of Anwar's popularity like the case was in 1998, I want you to ask him the one question: how do you know that and what did PAS do to achieve the results it couldn't when Anwar was "popular" going by what Nasha says? He must be a stupid and a traitor. Were it not for Anwar, PAS would go no where and every body knows that. Let me examine the issues that were fought over the elections:

1. Lingam Gate: Did PAS contribute to the anger that was created after this video was released? No. It was Anwar but the anger that he created benefited PAS through votes from Malays and non-Malays.

2. The unfinished business of 1998. Many Malays havn't forgiven UMNO for the 1998 episode and when they saw Anwar on the campaign trail, they switched on to the opposition.

3. Convincing the Chinese to vote for PAS. The creation of New Malaysian Economic Policy made many Chinese and Indians switch to PAS wherever it stood and thus won. Did PAS create this "ploy" to win? No. But they benefited from it.

4. BN Media Character Assassination. It was Anwar who bore the brunt of BN media when we were going into the elections and many Malays got aghast at this mistreatment. It translated into votes that benefited PAS. Was it Nasha mat Isa who suffered? No. But he won through the sufferings of others, yet he talks cock. Traitor to PAS and to Islam indeed.

5. DAP-PAS electrol pact. The two would have never met face to face, it was Anwar who helped them meet and share the seats so that they take on BN one on one and help each other. Was he the one who created that atmosphere?

6. Bringing liberal Malays to support PAS rather than UMNO. The anger that was created by showing the failure of NEP, the judiciary and other institutions made the learned liberal Malays vote for PAS rather than UMNO. But it wasn't PAS that created that awareness and anger and it was not PAS that suffered injustice at the state institutions, yet PAS benefited from it and thus votes.

7. Anwar was the one who campaigned for PAS candidates in all states and convinced the non-Malays that was PAS was the better choice. He campaigned for Dr Lulu, Maria Siti, Samad and many more in other states, they won. Now Mat Isa talks as if PAS was popular in itself and won like that. Stupid. Be careful boy.

8. There are many other issues that were fought over the elections and none of it was created by PAS, yet it reaped the benefits and Mat isa talks as if he was the one who achieved the results. Can someone talk to this idiot. Where is Husam so that he takes over? Sore loser and traitor to PAS.


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