Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Najib Dari Kacamata Pembaca Malaysiakini !! (WAJIB BACA!!)

Jefferson76: PM Najib Razak, you have given the public lame excuses about why you cannot debate another political party on your economic policies. It is also quite shameful to see a prime minister talking in such a course and degrading manner.

If you have all the answers, so by all means do enlighten us in a public debate. It has nothing to do with Sodomy II and everything to do with showing the voters how you handle criticism on the issues at hand.

Blackknight: Najib, after hearing your obscene and crude remarks, I want to raise another one - how can we trust you when you appointed former Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Isa Samad who was guilty of money politics to be Felda chairperson? This alone will pave the way to Felda's bankruptcy.

Naaah: If the PM isn't afraid of Anwar Ibrahim, then why does the police often stop Anwar from speaking in public ceramah? Why do Utusan Malaysia and all the BN-controlled media slander Anwar?

I would like to correct the PM - the sodomy charge against Anwar is not his personal problem. The people of Malaysia and renowned international figures see this as improper prosecution.

Habib RAK: Yes Najib, you are afraid to debate Anwar. You are the PM and he is the opposition leader. Both are official positions recognised in Malaysia and the world over. So, since you have all the information, just debate. Don't give excuses.

Docs: How come Najib does not want to debate with Anwar on political and economic issues? In most developed nations (eg, UK, US, etc), we see politicians squaring off live on TV. Isn't developed nation status is what BN is vying for?

Citing "personal problem" is a lame excuse. What about Najib's personal problems: Altantuya Shaariibuu and an uncontrollable wife?

VP Biden: Najib is a coward for taking cheap shots at Anwar. If you like, you can bring up the personal issues at the debate as well. But first things first, be a man and take up the challenge.

Anonymous_5fb: Lihatlah macam mana Najib berucap. Nilai-nilai kemelayuan yang disegani oleh rakyat Malaysia bangsa lain sudah musnah oleh Umno sejak zaman Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan kini jadi lebih teruk lagi oleh Najib. Tengoklah MB Abdul Ghani Othman yang bersama dengannya dalam gambar, dia pun rasa malu dengan Najib.

Ya, mungkin memang benar Najib tak takut dengan Anwar kerana dia (Najib) boleh guna jentera-jentera kerajaan dengan sewenang-wenangnya. Tapi, adakah dia tu takut dengan bayangnya sendiri? Kematian gadis Mongolia Altantuya pun belum selesai, bukan?

Kesian, nilai-nilai kemelayuan yang cantik dan halus sudah terkecai dalam tangan orang yang anggap mereka Musliman. Sungguh sakit hati kelakuan sedemikian terang-terang dibogelkan di mata orang-orang Melayu Felda ini. Apa sudah jadi dengan Melayu Umno ni?

Buat apa nak caci orang secara peribadi, Najib? Anda memang tak takut dengan Anwar, mungkin kerana ada isteri anda Rosmah Mansor di hadapan kamu. Alangkah lebih baik debat dengan Anwar mengenai ekonomi dan polisi negara?

Seperti yang anda kata, kamu ada informasi dalam tangan anda. Kamu pasti menang dalam debat. Tetapi kamu harus ingat, peneroka-peneroka Felda sudah ditipu kerajaan Umno bukan? Makamah pun sudah putuskan Felda harus membayar pampasan kepada peneroka-peneroka tersebut. Bukankah begitu?

Marvin: Anwar has challenged you to debate on the economic and other public policies, why can't you just accept the challenged and face him like a man? What is the point of threatening him with other revelations of his personal life while you have some skeletons in your own closet (we all know about Port Dickson and Mongolia)?

JBGuy: Najib, all the rhetoric or innuendos is not want we the rakyat want. We want an intelligent debate by our PM against the opposition leader to be able to judge who is better placed to lead Malaysia. Your stance clearly shows that you are skirting the issues by hiding behind an obviously trumped-up charge as proven in Sodomy I.

I am disappointed with your attitude as I have not witnessed much change since you took over. In fact, things are looking increasingly bad with prices going up and various scandals mushrooming, such as PKFZ, Sime Darby and KTMB.

You are not half the man your father was, even when he wasn't much of a leader.

Orang_Gila_Malaya: Now we know who our PM is. He only dares to counter Anwar's challenge in front of Felda settlers where people have limited access to the Internet. There are only a few settlers that have access to Internet, the rest just rely on Astro, mainstream media and papers. Why don't he say it at Dataran Merdeka, where people are well-versed with the current political situation in Malaysia?

Felda has helped the bumiputeras to achieve a better life but besides the monthly cash received from Felda and the land, what else do the settlers get in term of self-development? Go and see yourself what the youth of Felda are doing daily. It's not them who work the farm. The credit shall go to the Indonesians, Nepalis and Bangladeshis.

Anonymous: Najib, we have two murderers with no motive. One of the people accused, Abdul Razak Baginda, was your buddy. There was a controversial submarine purchase when you were defence minister. The immigration records of the victim erased. One of her friends testified she saw you photographed with the victim.

A private investigator P Balasubramaniam testified in a statutory declaration that you knew the victim. The SMS messages you sent to a Umno-linked lawyer showed your extraordinary concern in the case.

Then there was the Perak power grab, Teoh Beng Hock's death, Sodomy II, the Selangor state secretary crisis. I think you have more personal problems than anybody else in Malaysia.

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