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Why deploy balaclava-clad UTK to arrest Anwar?

KeLaWa: Chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong testified that there was Male Y's sperm up Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's anus, while chemist Nor Aidora Saedon testified that DNA profile of Male Y's sperm matches the DNA from three items used by Anwar Ibrahim.

Until and unless someone rebutted the sworn testimony of the two chemists, it is scientifically proven, though not legally yet, that Anwar's semen has been found in Saiful. This trial-within-a-trial is to determine the legality of that contention.

Irrespective of its outcome, which may be in Anwar's favour if his one-night detention was ruled illegal and therefore the evidence obtained during that detention is inadmissible, what I really want to know is how on earth did Anwar's semen ended up in Saiful's posterior.

If it was planted there and therefore a frame-up, how was that possible? Can a person's semen be obtained from him without his knowledge? Impossible, unless Anwar has frequent wet dreams. I fear the damage has been done to Anwar's moral reputation.

Pakman: Some did not follow the Sodomy I court proceedings. The same tactic was used trying to implicate DSAI (Anwar) with DNA splashed onto a mattress, but in this case it was put into Saiful's anus. But the then judge threw out the evidence as it looked stupid and irrelevant knowing that the mattress used was in the condominium which was not built yet.

The way PDRM (police) used UTK (Special Action Unit) squad to hijack Anwar after returning from MACC was indication that somebody higher up have had bad blood to settle with him.

As Anwar mentioned in his speech in Merlimau, Umno members are not his enemies, but it's those in Umno leadership who are cruel and corrupted who are his and the rakyat's enemies.

Cala: Correct me if I am wrong. Fresh from the exuberance of the political tsunami in March 8, 2008, Anwar attempted to seek justice for the happenings in Sodomy I by making a report (I presume MACC) alleging that both attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and former police chief Musa Hassan were involved in fabricating evidence that resulted in him being convicted and jailed.

Instead of giving him a fair hearing, he was forcibly caught by 15 UTK personnel and illegally detained on July 16, 2008. And subsequently "vital DNAs" were extracted from items used by him while under one-night detention.

The incident clearly points to three things:

i) seeking justice is impossible under the Umno-led BN regime;
ii) the reputation of both Gani Patail and Musa Hassan are at stake, something they have to defend; and

iii) the questionable police conduct - the police have been used by powers-that-be as if they were their private properties, instead of them defending the interests of the people.

Anonymous_3f94: Anwar's semen was not found up Saiful's rectum. What we have is Saiful's semen mixed with Anwar's blood, which they obtained from Sodomy I. The mixture was allegedly injected by plastic syringe up Saiful's rectum at the Concorde Hotel when he met the officer assigned to the case by Premier Najib Razak.

Do you not remember Saiful complaining to the first doctor (from Hospital Puswari) he met that he had a piece of plastic inserted up his rear end?

Big Picture: It makes me want to vomit every time I read about this case. It is so embarrassing to be Malaysian as the whole world is laughing at us. While there are people grappling with issue of life and death in other parts of the world, Malaysians are preoccupied with who screwed Saiful.

And don't blame the Umnoputras alone as there are enough non-Malay characters in this sandiwara. I assume you guys in this forum understand Malay, so I've written some 'pantun' for you to ponder on:

Dengki khianat angkara fitnah,
Berbuat serong tuk dapatkan bukti,
Kalau tak tilam dibawa ke mahkamah,
Botol tuala pun boleh jadi.

Jijik sekali mereka yang tega,
Demi kuasa berbuat fitnah,
Semua yang bohong diyakini benar,
Menjadi bahan tertawa dunia.

Rakyat Malaysia sedang digugat,
Oleh fitnah yang melarat,
Oleh mahkamah yang disekat,
Oleh parti yang dah tenat.

Krissman: While most counties of the world are focussed on stem cell research, finding cure for cancer, AIDS epidemic and a whole slew of other problems which mankind has to deal with, Motherland Malaysia is preoccupied with whether a prominent opposition politician had sex with a guy. This makes me wonder if Malaysia has its priorities right.

The time, effort and money wasted on this witch-hunt from Saiful to the 15 UTK personnel with balaclava and armed with sub-machineguns, lab tests, salary and allowances to all those specialists, to this kangaroo court trial could have been spent on a million other better purposes or on the Malaysian poor who need help.

Hovid: This trial within trial is not necessary. The so-called evidence are obtained unlawfully, and should have been dismissed right away.

Inspection of penis and anus humiliates Anwar

Anonymous_5fb: After reading how Anwar was humiliated without the care of a man's dignity, it shows us that the motive behind the Sodomy II charge is more of humiliation of Anwar as a gentleman rather than to seek justice for Saiful.

Bagi orang-orang Melayu yang masih keliru apa yang sebenarnya berlaku, tanyalah anda sendiri patutkan Najib, sebagai perdana menteri melakukan penaniayaan demikian kepada seorang umat Muslim dia sendiri. Adakah orang macam ini dikatakan beriman?

Anda semua harus buka besar mata masing-masing dan mengimbangkan adakah kamu semua masih mahu Umno sebagai tulang belakang kerajaan negara kita ini. Sebagai kaum yang terbesar, anda harus ingat bahawa masa depan kaum-kaum lain juga ada pada tangan kamu. Fikirlah masak-masak sebelum mengundi.

Changeagent: I see what devious plans they are trying to scheme by examining Anwar's penis. By what is the logic of measuring his pubic hair and studying his anus other than to severely humiliate him? Sadly, the stupidification of Malaysia continues unabated.

Lover Boy: Dato Seri, I really feel sorry for you. As a matter of fact, the whole of Malaysia feels sorry for you and your family. It really makes our blood boil when we read the degrading treatment that they have given you.

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