Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PKR Desak Supaya Rosmah Dilantik Sebagai Menteri Luar !!

PETALING JAYA: A PKR leader has proposed that Malaysia's self-styled First Lady Rosmah Mansor be allowed to spearhead the Foreign Ministry.

In a statement oozing with sarcasm, Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin said Rosmah's holiday trips were more effective than Foreign Minister Anifah Aman's diplomatic duties.

The PKR Wanita chief also accused Anifah of apple polishing when the latter had referred to Rosmah as a "wise and clever woman".

"Anifah should be working towards ensuring the safety of Malaysians who are in danger from the unrest in Egypt instead of sucking up to Rosmah," she said.

A Bernama report on Saturday said that Anifah had termed Rosmah as a smart woman who helped to strengthen Malaysia's ties with other countries.

The minister also endorsed her abilities at the international level, adding that he would be honoured to see the the prime minister's wife being invited as a guest to a foreign state.

Anifah's remarks came hot on the heels of the criticism from the opposition that Rosmah was taking advantage of her position to travel the world.

'Rein in your wife'

Based on the minister's glowing appraisal, Zuraida said: "It seems that Rosmah needs to be appointed as Foreign Minister as she is more effective than Anifah himself."

The PKR MP also advised Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to rein in his wife before she embarrassed the country.

She also criticised Najib for being evasive when queried on the First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) division within the Prime Minister's Department.

FMT previously reported that FLOM, a six-strong office within the PM's Office, might have been involved with Rosmah-centric events.

These included the Islamic Fashion Week, the RM4.5 million three-day First Ladies Summit and several "official" visits to New York, Europe and the Middle East

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Anonymous said...

kalau menteri luar..untung malaysia sbb kerajaan luar negara bila rosmah keluar negara semua FREE..jimat malaysia..aku setuju sangat.

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