Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you can't convince your deputy about 1Malaysia, please don't bother with convincing the non-Malays

Pendapat pembaca Malaysiakini tentang Najib vs Muhyiddin

DAP: Najib the 'lamest' PM for mollycoddling his deputy

Ruben: PM Najib Razak came up with this 1Malaysia concept, yet he himself is so afraid to profess it. He talks about 1Malaysia this and 1Malaysia that, but when it comes to saying that I am a Malaysian first and then a Malay, he does not have the courage to do so.

Yet so many Malaysians, including me, are proud to say we are Malaysians first, then Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc, next. What a shame Mr PM, if you cannot say that and also admonish your deputy, then you are only paying lip service to your own slogan.

Lim Yee Khei: Sigh! What a PM we have. Give him a chance to lay down a firm commitment to his 1Malaysia and he chose not to do so because of fear of rift with his deputy.

For God's sake, you are the PM, your deputy should be worried of a rift with you when he said he was Malay first and Malaysian second, not the other way round.

Mumzi3: If your can't convince your deputy about 1Malaysia, please don't bother with convincing the non-Malays. I get really get upset whenever I see the 1Malaysia slogan.

Anonymous_4031: The PM dared not chide his deputy, lest he incurred the wrath of the Malay community. What does it tell you? A spineless leader who cannot, and should not, rule the nation.

Stories: This is normal for one who has been given everything since birth, never having to fight or work for anything.

Unfortunately, we are saddled with him. How can he lead when he had never been trained the usual way of working his way up and proving himself? He's a loser. Period.

Multi Racial: DAP MP Tony Pua is giving too much credit to DPM Muhyiddin Yassin. I believe Muhyiddin was unprepared when he answered that he was "Malay first, Malaysian second". Any politician in any country would have put their country first.

Instead of immediately correcting him, Najib choose to avoid this. This made him looked not only stupid but also unpatriotic. It also made a mockery of his policy.

What can we deduce from this? Malaysians are screwed to have such No 1 and 2. The only way out from joining their stupidity club is to vote them out.

FellowMalaysian: After nearly three years of holding the country's highest political post as the prime minister, Najib performance record showed a miserable 'Poor' in steering the country out of the many dire and grave difficulties it is facing.

The dissatisfaction and concerns of the rakyat range from rising food prices, toll charges and education expenses to more serious concerns such as the spread of corruption into every corners of society, the siphoning of public funds from billion-ringgit projects and the vicious clampdown of protesters by the police in the recent Bersih rally.

These showed that Najib's handling of the country's economy, business and trade has not met the people's expectation.

Lone_star: A PM who is sure of himself and sure of his own policy would have no doubt at all about declaring himself Malaysian first. Such a PM would also have nothing to do with any of his cabinet members who do not subscribe to his policy and they should not be in his cabinet.

How can he justify and accept any cabinet member who does not consider himself/herself Malaysian first? It is obvious that he has weak knees. I wish him a successful operation today and that he might he get stronger where it counts.

AB Sulaiman: Four items are relevant here. One, Najib has too many skeletons in his closet. Two, he can't try to please everybody for in the end he would end up not pleasing anybody. Three, he can't fool all of the people all of the time. Four, sharks are circling around him.

When we link these all together, we have more or less the situation he is in now.

AkuMelayuIslam: Should Najib learn from Dr Mahathir Mohamad by kicking out Muhyiddin, by creating some 'liwat' (sodomy) scandal? Dr M is a master on how to handle problematic DPMs.

Swipenter: Najib is no match for the 3Ms axis of Mahathir-Muhyiddin-Mukhriz. Better not offend anyone of them at least for the time being. Many also think that his cousin is also aligned to the 3Ms to oust him from his office.

The kingmaker would remain in his role as kingmaker whilst Muhyiddin would become the new Umno president and therefore the new PM, and his cousin the new DPM.

These two would be warming the seat for Mukhriz to become the future PM of the country. Thus the kingmaker would have his ambition fulfilled. But then again, one day can change a lot of things in politics.

NuckinFuts: What Najib meant was, he is 'Muhyiddin first, Malay second and Malaysian last'.
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