Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saiful : Sayalah yang Berada Dalam CCTV Itu

SODOMY2 - The court will visit condominium management office where hard disk for CCTV was taken as defence not present in today's visit.

SODOMY2 - Case now adjourned to 9.30am tomorrow.

SODOMY2 - Saiful said the doctors took samples with cotton bud swabs of neck, body & rectum. << Is there any 'love bites' ??

SODOMY2 - Saiful said police questioned him & two or three doctors gave him full physical check-up after Isyak prayers that night. << Physical check-up - and found Anwar's sperm?

SODOMY2 - Saiful said half an hour later, a couple of policemen came with necessary documents to make a police report.
SODOMY2 - Saiful said doctor came half an hour later & told him that he needed to make police report if he was to be checked for rape. << Rape??? Macam pondan!
SODOMY2 - Saiful said doctor came an hour later to check his blood pressure

SODOMY2 - Saiful says after revealing to HKL doctor that he was sodomised, he was ordered to emergency ward

SODOMY2 - He claimed the advice came from a doctor attached to the Pusrawi Hospit

SODOMY2 - Saiful explains he went to Hospital KL because he was advised that a report from a private hospital cannot be used in a court.

SODOMY2 - Saiful says that two days after the incident, he went to two hospitals before going to Hospital KL. << Pusrawi?? 2 hari tak berak?? Sperma telah berenang dalam salur dubur hingga ke tiub falopia??

SODOMY2 - Yusof wanted to show CCTV recording of Saiful entering & leaving premises in his vehicle but computer hard disk "hanged"  <<< Hanged???

SODOMY2 - Recording shows Saiful entering lift to go to Level 5 at 14.47 & leaving Level 5 to enter lift at 16.14.

SODOMY2 - Yusof shows CCTV recording of Saiful leaving 5th floor on the elevator & Saiful confirms he is in the recording.

SODOMY2 - Saiful confirms its him in the CCTV recording of the elevator going to Level 5 on the day of the alleged crime.

SODOMY2 - Anwar asks to move closer to the television as prosecution plans to show CCTV recording of Saiful entering lift in the condominium.

SODOMY2 - Karpal said the word "lagi" was expunged yesterday but Utusan had used it. 

SODOMY2 - Saiful called to the witness stand.

SODOMY2 - Karpal asks that Utusan be cautioned but judge ignores & orders the trial to resume.

SODOMY2 - Judge says of Karpal feels that the intention of the reporter was to affect the case, then he should file a police report.

SODOMY2 - Judge Mohd Zabidin says contempt of court not done in the face of court. 

Sumber dipetik dari Malaysian Insider (back up)

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azmie said...

doctor suruh pi emergency ward buat medical check up pasal after office hours.

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