Tuesday, May 27, 2008

War With Singapore, is it unthinkable ?

Hi there, I want to bring you to rocky bru's recent entri. Actually its about 'our-enemy-within', but the comment in this entri will be amause all reader.

Please click here and read all over.

From my oppinion, the war is not an option because there would be a totally 'lost-lost' situation. But, as what they did to us such as the water issue, 'isu tambak laut', and recently claiming P.B.Putih issue, of course we can't bare any losses again. If they dare to claim again (Pulau Pisang), I'm myself will go to P.Pisang to defend it !!! they claiming any of our soil, its mean they call for a war !

Yes, war is not an option, but still remain as the last resolved.

I rather die to see our soil being raped !!

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