Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Arrest has been made yet

Update 1.00 am - “Beribu sedang berkumpul di Quality Hotel Shah Alam menghalang pihak yang cuba menangkap DSAI atas tuduhan serupa dengan episod 1998″ Radio Belukar KB.

Update 1.10am. “An aide of a senior opposition has alleged in a police report that the politician sodomised him, he has been warded in hospital”./ Star News Alert.

Update 9.08am. “No arrest has been made yet. Anwar will hold a Press Conference today in Shah Alam. According to my source closely link to Anwar, the fella in the centre of this latest indescribable accusation against the former DPM, has only been working with Anwar for the last 3 months.

Anwar was quoted as saying, the 23 years old Saiful Bahari has been missing for two days. Anwar then was informed that Saiful was picked up by police yesterday and hours later filed a police report against Anwar.

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