Friday, February 5, 2010

Saiful : Anwar Offer Untuk Sponsor Saya Sambung Belajar Full Time + Gaji Jalan + Allowances !! Dan Saya Setuju (kerana takut)...

SODOMY2 - DPP Noorin Badaruddin says unsure if court adjourned for the day, as its up to the judge to decide. 

SODOMY2 - Photo caption is "Ini katil yang didakwa diliwat". Judge says evidence was given in open court & media entitled to report. << Dulu tilam skarang katil?? usung katil!

SODOMY2 - Anwars's lawyers will lodge police report against Utusan Malaysia & Sinar Harian over a photo caption.

SODOMY2 - Court stands down to prepare for another visit to Desa Damansara condominium.

SODOMY2 - Judge Mohd Zabidin says nothing wrong with picture.

SODOMY2 - Karpal objects to Utusan picture with suggestive caption that he says are "out of hand".

SODOMY2 - Prosecution shows CCTV recording of Saiful entering, leaving condominium on day of incident. Saiful confirms its him. 

SODOMY2 - Saiful says he was scared to object at that time, so he agreed

SODOMY2 - Saiful says Anwar counter-offered, cajoled him not to quit & offered to sponsor his studies full time with full pay & allowances


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