Friday, February 5, 2010

Saiful : Anwar Guna KY JELLY ??

(Kepada yang baru masuk entri ini, sila baca dari bawah...) 
Seterusnya Di Sini...

SODOMY2 - Saiful says reason for quitting "tak ingin diperlakukan sedemikian lagi". Karpal objects to "sedemikian lagi".

SODOMY2 - Saiful recounts his meeting with Anwar at the office on June 27, 2008.

SODOMY2 - Saiful says he idolised Anwar while growing up as he was a "fan".

SODOMY2 - Saiful recounts meeting Anwar at his office in Petaling Jaya in March 2008.

SODOMY2 - Saiful says during examination in Pusrawi Hospital, he told the doctor he was sodomised before examination was completed.

SODOMY2 - Heavy police presence at vicinity & entrance to Desa Damansara condominium ahead of another court visit.

SODOMY2 - Saiful says black pants worng during incident & during lodging police report.

SODOMY2 - White Levis underwear given to police was the one worn during the incident, Saiful says.

SODOMY2 - Grey Levis underwear given to police, Saiful says as crowd sniggers.

SODOMY2 - Green G2000 shirt worn by Saiful when lodging police report.

SODOMY2 - Crowd reacts in shock at Saiful's last statement. 

SODOMY2 - Saiful says black slacks was given by Anwar as a "gift".
SODOMY2 - Saiful says some items given to police from house of former fiancee.

 SODOMY2 - Items include 2 pairs of black/grey underpants, green G2000 shirt, black slacks & tube of KY jelly, Saiful says. 

SODOMY2 - Saiful affirms contents of reports to police stating items that were handed to the police.

SODOMY2 - Saiful says photos of his entire body taken during examination by doctors.

SODOMY2 - Bottle containing blood, alcohol & toxicology passed to Saiful, judge & defence team. 

SODOMY2 - 9th swab labelled "low rectal swab" goes around from Saiful to judge & defense taking turns to view it.

SODOMY2 - 8th container labelled "high rectal swab" being passed around between judge, defence team.

SODOMY2 - 2 FRU trucks, 2 police trucks & 1 water cannon at court gates ahead of planned protest at 2pm outside Masjid Wilayah.

SODOMY2 - Containers passed to the judge & defence lawyers.

SODOMY2 - Container with swab from the "anal region" is presented for verification. 

SODOMY2 - Another container with swabs passed to Saiful for verification.

SODOMY2 - 4th swab passed to Saiful for verification.

SODOMY2 - 3rd container given to Saiful who confirms its his.

SODOMY2 - Yusof passes 2nd container labelled "swab below the thigh" which Saiful verifies as his.

SODOMY2 - No supporters outside the courtroom, only reporters.

SODOMY2 - Yusof hands over container containg oral swabs to Saiful, who confirms it belongs to him.

SODOMY2 - Accuser Saiful takes to witness stand, Anwar looking at his phone.

SODOMY2 - 3rd day of trial begins.

SODOMY2 - Lead defence counsel Karpal Singh arrives in court.

SODOMY2 - Nurul Izzah & another sister joins Wan Azizah in courtroom.

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