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There's something wrong about Mismah, There's something wrong about Malaysia...

Pendapat dan pandangan menarik Malaysiakini English. Saya suka baca pendapat pembaca, ia membuka minda. Jadi sekarang saya bawakan untuk anda semua - pengunjung blog edyesdotcom.

Bulan Ramadhan ini, saya tak tahu penulis lain macamana tetapi terus terangnya saya kurang menulis sebab menulis artikel itu begitu melaparkan. Perut kena ada isi baru senang menulis. Malam pulak sibuk berniaga almaklumlah bulan puasa. Balik niaga terus ambil peluang untuk tidur beberapa jam sebelum bersahur. Itu rutin saya di bulan puasa setiap tahun, maka emangnya kurang menulis artikel. Hanya sekadar memberi ulasan dari setiap isu yang berbangkit. Ok

Kepada pengunjung, teruslah mengunjung. Akan banyak ada entry copy dan paste selepas ini. Saya cuma akan reblogged entry-entry yang bagus untuk pembaca, dan secara positifnya akan membuatkan lebih ramai tidak ketinggalan bagi entry-entry yang wajib dibaca.

Sampai di sini dulu, teruskan membaca;

'It has now come to the point that we should look at NRD records and go back 30 years or so to scrutinise each and every IC issued.'

EC changes 'Mismah' status in draft electoral roll

Anonymous_3e86: Election Commission chief Abdul Aziz Yusof says NRD records were not updated. After four hours, Mismah was changed from being a permanent resident to being a citizen, and he calls that "not updated"?

Mismah's status was also changed from being a registered voter to one of "being verified"? What nonsense is all this?

Joshua: How is one to have faith in a system that changes are made according to the whims of the 'masters'? And still, there are many who think that those who make noise are troublemakers rather than truth seekers.

Though I am not with Bersih, I am beginning to get their drift on the matters they highlighted. Good job and keep it up despite the persecution from the establishment.

Fellow Malaysian: This sounds too good to be true. Imagine these people in the NRD could flip-flop and juggle around with the electoral rolls like flipping 'roti canai' in the air.

It's such a simple task, yet it exposes their weakness to the core. Just a random check has revealed such a serious error. Had this not been detected, Mismah would have gotten off scot-free.

Using the biometric unit would not help in stopping Mismah from voting in the coming GE13. So much for having a highly sophisticated technology.

Nil: It has now come to the point that we look at the National Registration Department (NRD) records and go back 30 years or so to scrutinise each and every IC issued to see whether it has been issued properly.

A commission independent of the present NRD would have to be set up. Following this, MyKads with an entirely new format should be issued for all those who pass the scrutiny.

Only then can the EC recreate the electoral rolls. This is how serious the situation has become.

SMC77: This shows the mentality of our civil servants and BN politicians. They should first thank the party that spotted the problem.

Secondly, they should commit themselves to address the issue. Malaysia will never reach first world standard with a third world mindset in the civil service.

Fair Play: What is the assurance that they won't change the data back on the eve of election day? The system is in their hands, and they can do wonders.

With these findings, I strongly believe that former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo could have won the 2008 general election.

Perak Boleh: To err is human but to cheat and lie is natural to the BN government and its crony agencies. The government is never wrong, it is the voters who put them in power who are to be blamed for their wrongdoings.

EC denies permanent residents enlisted as voters

DannyLoHH: This is exactly why the EC has no credibility left whatsoever. EC chief Abdul Aziz sees nothing wrong with the system, even when confronted with clear evidence.

An independent EC would have immediately sprung into action, the chief would have ordered an investigation and made promises that such case will not be repeated in future again.

Sadly, it is not so in Malaysia. This is lending more credits to the claims of Bersih 2.0.

CN Yee: But Aziz, with so many fundamental 'technical negligence' creating so much inconsistencies - how are we to trust the biometric system proposed for voters registration?

JBGUY: This was what I was telling all my friends, it must have been a technical error as the NRD is so prone to do so. The EC is a professional and independent body, they don't make silly mistakes, it must be the NRD which, like most government departments, are totally inefficient.

What a relief, and kudos to Abdul Aziz for responding so promptly with a credible reason. You remind me of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein who is efficient as well. He was able to predict a violent outcome from the Bersih 2.0 participants and launched one of the biggest police blockades ever. We now feel safe and sound.

Anonymous_3e86: Of course, only Malaysian citizens can register as voters - we know that. But we also know that thousands of illegal immigrants from southern Philippines and Indonesia have become Malaysian citizens during the past years.

I am sure thousands more will become citizens in the present 'amnesty programme' for the illegal workers. BN will never want to resolve the illegal immigrant issue, like the situation in Sabah. They have seen how it is used to their advantage - they are BN's 'safe deposit'.

Danny Lazaroo: The EC is being very lame and does not appear even mildly curious about these latest findings.

This issue, if indeed true, goes beyond mere tinkering with the wheels of democracy - our very sovereignty is at stake. How can we just grant and approve over 50 citizenships within hours, even if it just for the purpose of creating more registered voters?

The end result is not only wrong - it jeopardises our very sovereignty and national security. Who are these PRs who were suddenly granted citizenship?

Malaysian_f06: People who are citizens do not immediately register to vote.

If there is one person who has become severely patriotic from day one of being a citizen, it could be a coincidence. The situation begs to ask the question: Did someone sell our citizenship for votes?

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Anonymous said...

Herannya macamana pemegang PR kad merah boleh dapat pengesahan kerakyatan dan pada hari yg sama juga dia disahkan sebagai pengundi. BILA PULA MASANYA DIA MENDAFTAR SEBAGAI PENGUNDI?

Tidak pernah dalam sejarah SPR dan juga adalah mustahil jika mengikut prosidur, seorang mendapat kad biru hari ini, pergi mendaftar sebagai pengundi hari ini, dan disahkan sebagai pengundi hari ini juga.