Monday, May 30, 2011

Najib Minta Bantuan Belia Untuk Pertahan Putrajaya? Apa Kata Mereka di Malaysiakini?

Onyourtoes: When leaders are bankrupt, what they continue to talk about are castles in the air - yes, more programmes, more projects and more hot air.

Have we heard lately from them telling our young people the meaning of ethics, good governance, and the menace of corruption and excessive abuse of power? No, we don't hear these things anymore.

Do you want to know why, young people? Because the leaders have lost the moral fortitude to say things like these. They know the whole world will be laughing at them. They know no one would believe what they say.

Putrajaya does not belong to any particular party or group of leaders. Putrajaya is Malaysia, it belongs to all of us. We, the people, young and old, must defend Putrajaya from the enemies from without and termites from within.

Muak: PM Najib Razak is 'defending Putrajaya' at the taxpayers' expense again? And who are we defending Putrajaya from? Who is Putrajaya's enemy? Citizens of this country who do not vote for BN?

AnakBangsaMalaysia: Reports from other sources suggest the total number of people present at the One Million Youth Gathering in Putrajaya was around 8,000.
One wonders how many would have turned up without the enticements of goodies, giveaways that have become a defining characteristic of BN-organised events.

The context and character of Najib's speech echoes that of Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, Ernst Rohm and Josef Goebbels in the early days of Nazi Germany - when they addressed and brainwashed thousands of gullible youths into joining the Hitler Youth, Sturmabteilung (SA) and Schutzstaffel (SS) to 'defend the Aryan nation' from the imaginary threat of Jews, homosexuals, political opponents and anyone else who refused to subscribe to the Nazi ideology.

These youths went on to commit horrific war crimes. It is fitting that when Najib made this speech, he was flanked by the political eunuchs of MCA, Gerakan and the other BN component parties, whose main function is - as the Chinese idiom goes - to 'act as a decorative vase'.

Ferdtan: One million youth? I don't see that many. The gathering has many events thrown in. You even have the army taking part, showing their war machines, organising competitions and training programmes.

So just how many came on their own accord? Please tell us how much money per person were spent to organise such an event to prod up the prestige of BN?

Sentinel: How much did the government spend taxpayers' money to hire those buses and coaches to bring the youth there from all over the country, and how much each get paid for allowances and lunches?

1,000,000 youth divide by 40 per bus = 25,000 buses x RM600 rental each bus = RM15 million. Another RM10 million for allowances and lunch. 'Semua duit rakyat' used to defend the BN government. Where is the ethics?

Meranti Kepong: Najib, if you or any of your cohorts happen to read this comment, be informed that you should not distort the meaning of the political revolution in Egypt. The young Egyptians have successfully booted out the dictator and oppressor, Hosni Mubarak.

You have no right whatsoever to call upon Malaysians to defend Putrajaya. It is time that you should go as you have failed in your sacred mission to unite all the races in this country.

Alan Goh: One million Egyptian youths gathered at Tahrir Square to demand change to the corrupted Egyptian government. Another million gathered in Syria and Libya to demand change to their countries, which are ruled by dictators and warlords.

Hopefully, rational Malaysians can see and realise the corruption under Umno/BN and vote for change in the upcoming 13GE. But it will be an uphill task given the uneven playing field and a lopsided Election Commission.

AnakPinang: Do these youths who have so enthusiastically responded to the PM's call to defend Putrajaya realise that in 20 years' time, they probably would be hard pressed to find a decent paying job, a house to live in or money to feed their children?

I wonder how many will become disillusioned and seek greener pastures elsewhere when Malaysia becomes a failed economy thanks to poor governance.

The Malays need to discard their feudal mentality and break free from this patronage and dependency. There is no need to defend something so rotten because we all know that it will fall on its own accord.

Anonymous_5fb: Goodness Najib, you really still want to 'syiok sendiri' like your right hand man, Dr Koh Tsu Koon? One million in Putrajaya, is that right? Do you know how many live in Kuala Lumpur? Only 1.4 million. Where did you get the one million youths? Felda?

Docs: The youths all look very young. Can they vote? If they cannot, then how are they going to help BN defend Putrajaya from the more mature and forward-minded adults which incidentally are voters and more likely to vote Pakatan Rakyat.

If BN can mobilise one million youths as seen here, then maybe this is a good time for Najib to call for an election.

SaveMalaysiaNow: Najib's Manchester United lost badly to a clearly superior Barcelona in the Champions League final. Perhaps a bad omen for him in the coming general election?

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