Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Najib The Twister...

Pendapat dari seorang pembaca Malaysiakini :

Pakatan Rakyat has now officially rejected unity talks with BN. The PM says it’s no big deal, BN and Umno can go it alone as ‘we still have the numbers to control the federal government.

Isn’t it amazing how Najib can twist and turn his words just to suit the situation and save face for Umno?

Just a few days back, our DPM was practically bending over backwards to accommodate PAS.

Didn’t our DPM say that he wanted the unity talks to be ‘speeded up’ and there would be no conditions from Umno to talk with PAS?

Now our DPM is as quiet as a mouse because the talks have been rejected outright by Pakatan. I am sure he, too, now will change his tune when just like his boss.

To top it all, Koh Tsu Koon said it was a ‘wayang kulit’ by Pakatan Rakyat all along. Koh should really wake up.

Umno was ready to abandon and trample on its coalition partners’ (essentially MCA, MIC and Gerakan) feelings just days ago to accommodate talks with PAS on Malay unity. T

This general election loser made a senator made a cabinet minister is so beholden to the PM that he can no longer appreciate the reality of the political situation and make an objective assessment and sensible comments.

MCA and Gerakan should seriously reconsider their partnership with Umno and become independent. Umno does not give a hoot about its junior partners.

Please wake up and smell the coffee.


aZRoy said...

such a twister~

Reezl said...

now everyone will see the true face n color of our PM n his associates...
they just shortened their time to their doom....