Thursday, March 13, 2008

My First Post

hi there, first of all, I want to express my congrtatulation to coalation party PKR-PAS-DAP for their victory in PRU12. I'm so glad that the government by now should received our message and believe me - they are too late...

Ok, this is my very first post in this what so called blog. i'm very new in these field and a little bit too late to start. I hope that I've done the right thing about expressing my mind to all of you, especially on political issue of coz. actually I really dont know how to start with good presentation. I should ask for a templete and put it here. As you can read here, my english is not good enought plus my spelling also not very good so I will try my best to comment in english and allow me to write in Malay.

Why..? why I start it now..? of coz if I dont start to write, then there will be no blog for me. my main objective creating this blog is to share my oppinion to all of you since we are in the new era.

I hope that I can contribute something in this arena and its my pleasure to welcome all of you to have some good talk with me.

Thanks and regards

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